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Integrated Financial Planning

Ithaka offers an integrated approach to financial planning. This means we help you plan how to reach your financial goals while also providing ongoing management of your investments.

The Process

  1. Discover Goals
    We get to know you personally. We listen to understand your history and beliefs as well as your priorities and preferences. We know it can be hard to talk about money and the future, so we offer tools to bring to light the goals you have for your life.
  2. Gather Financial Data
    We gain your trust. We ask you to complete a questionnaire and provide copies of relevant documents so we can review your current finances, which may include employee benefits, insurance, taxes, estate documents and investment assets.
  3. Analyze Financial Status
    We assess your financial strengths and weaknesses. How’s your cash flow? Are you saving enough? What is your net worth? How are assets currently invested? Do you have the right asset allocation given your tolerance for risk? What financial gaps need to be mitigated?
  4. Develop a Customized Financial Plan.
    We present a roadmap. The plan reflects your unique personality and lays out strategies for accomplishing your goals. Strategies may include retirement planning, risk management, education funding, estate planning, cash flow management, and tax planning.
  5. Activate the Plan
    We work with you to implement the plan. We counsel you in carrying out the recommendations and taking the next steps. We keep you informed and provide coaching and support as needed. We are available year-round to help you respond to life changes and work through ideas that might affect you finances.
  6. Set up Your Investments
    We identify your risk tolerance and determine the appropriate asset allocation. We believe in value-based investing and passive investments and we select mutual funds that support our philosophy. We then manage your investments and provide periodic reports on the performance of your portfolio as well as any necessary tax information

In the end, we free you to live your life.




Ithaka charges an annual fee for our integrated service. We do not earn commissions on financial products, thereby assuring you that our recommendations are impartial and designed for your ultimate benefit.

Integrated Financial Planning Fee

Our fees are calculated as a percentage of assets:

  • 1.00 percent on the first $1,000,000 in assets
  • plus .75% for assets between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000
  • plus .5% for assets above $2,000,000

Fee For Stand-alone Financial Plan

Our fees for plan-only start at $4,000 and vary with complexity. This engagement does not include implementation steps or investment management.


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